InDatabase Analytics Option

The InDatabase Analytics Option is a new license type that enables customers to build, deploy and run their own C/C++ User-Defined Functions (UDF). Unlike previous releases, this option is available to all SAP Sybase IQ customers and no longer requires SAP Sybase certification.

The InDatabase Analytics Option includes a new IQ_IDA license that will function as both the InDatabase Analytics Option and Partner Solutions license. Although customers can purchase the InDatabase Analytics Options to enable V4 UDF support, this license restricts runtime execution on multiplex readers.

SAP Sybase will continue to support the current Partner Solutions IQ_UDF license, which is required for existing V3 C/C++ libraries. There will be no change in server runtime behavior for this license. Partners can obtain a copy of the new InDatabase Analytics Option and the library authentication method from SAP Sybase without cost.