Event Tracer View

The Event Tracer is one of the tools used to debug data flow. It shows the impact an event has on each stream and window of the project.

The Event Tracer view shows the transaction flow through the model and lets you view data in each node (stream or window). The nodes depicted in the Event Tracer view are drawn as a data flow, depicting the relationships between the nodes.

Event Tracer View
Button Function
Select Running Project Presents a list of running projects available to monitor from Studio.
Layout TopDown Arranges shapes vertically for a top-to-bottom data flow.
Layout Left to Right Arranges shapes horizontally for a left-to-right data flow.
Save Saves the image as a JPG file.
Zoom In Enlarges the size of the image.
Zoom Out Reduces the size of the image.
Zoom Page Restores the size of the image to its original size.
Print Performance Data to Console Prints the collected data to the console.
Close Subscription Closes the subscription and clears the view.
Show Current Subscription in New View Displays the current subscription in a separate view.
Fit Shape Ids Expands a shape to show the name of the stream or window.
Initialize With Base Data Sends all event data from Event Stream Processor through the Event Tracer.
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