Monitoring the Project Server

Use the command-line interface to monitor the performance of a running instance of the project server.

The esp_monitor tool reads performance data from a running instance of the project server and displays it on standard output. Monitoring data is only available if the time granularity option is set in the project configuration (CCR) file or using Studio.

The time granularity option specifies, in seconds, how often the set of performance records —one per stream and one per gateway connection— is obtained from the running Event Stream Processor. By default, time granularity for all projects is disabled. Users may choose to leave the time granularity project option disabled when monitoring is not required, to increase performance. The .ccr file and Studio set this project option. For more information on configuring projects in Studio, see the Studio Users Guide.

Note: The esp_clients_monitor stream contains basic information about the connected clients but performance-related fields are populated only with the monitoring option.
To monitor a project running in a cluster that has a manager mode on the host "" with an RPC port of 31415, use the following command:
esp_monitor -p

This is a simple example only. For detailed information on the esp_monitor tool, see the Utilities Guide.

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