Relay Server

Relay Server enables secure, load-balanced communication between mobile devices and Unwired Server. Across-the-firewall deployment occurs without opening any internal firewall ports for enterprise mobilization and ensures that data is secure while in transit. Relay Server is an optional component that is used when existing IT DMZ infrastructure must be supplemented with a means to bypass firewall restrictions. The preferred mechanism is to use the existing IT infrastructure as the reverse proxy to Unwired Platform.

Relay server is used in the runtime architecture as a component of the enterprise demilitarized zone (DMZ), to securely integrate mobile devices into your system landscape. You need not install any Unwired Platform components on the carrier network or outside your firewall; they can all be installed and controlled within your corporate networks.

Relay Server:

Unwired Platform synchronization uses Relay Server end-to-end encryption and HTTPS to secure communication. Devices synchronize with Unwired Platform securely on the device client side.

In an implementation targeting BlackBerry devices where a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is installed, Relay Server can be optional. In this landscape variation:
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