Cache Update Policy

Fine-tune device application and Unwired Server performance by defining a cache update policy for mobile business object operations.

Setting a cache update policy for mobile business object (MBO) operations gives you more control of both Unwired Server interactions with the enterprise information system (EIS) to which the MBO is bound, and consolidated database updates. Fine-tuning these interactions and updates improves both Unwired Server and device application performance.

Note: Consolidated database, CDB, and cache all refer to the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably.

Note: Other methods used to update the CDBs that are external to MBO operations, and not associated with cache update policies include:
  1. EIS-initiated DCN – an HTTP request to Unwired Server, in which the DCN request contains the payload (information about the changed data).
    Note: EIS-initiated DCN also supports HTTP POST requests which provides a higher level of security.
  2. Scheduled data refresh – defined in Sybase Control Center; polls the EIS for changes at specified intervals.