Chapter 1: New Features in RMS 15.0 EBF nos. 13416, 13417, 13418, 13419, 13425


This EBF contains features developed after the 15.0 release. It includes features needed to support non-ASE replication, as well as additional features. This EBF completely replaces the GA version of RMS.

Backward compatibility with Replication Manager (RM) plug-in GA

This EBF supports the GA version of the Replication Manager plug-in. The Replication Manager plug-in can connect to the GA versions of both the RMS and this EBF, and it can function without throwing any exceptions (P1 errors).

To support the GA version of the Replication Manager plug-in, the result sets and RMI objects that RMS returns have not been modified.

NoteNeither the RMS nor the Replication Manager plug-in are required to be compatible with all versions of each other. Future versions of the RMS may not provide backward compatibility.