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Chapter 2: Creating CORBA Java Components and Clients

Generate stubs and skeletons

Once you have created the package, component, and methods, you generate the stub and skeleton files for the component. The client-side application uses the stubs to invoke the server-side component methods. The skeleton acts as an interface between EAServer and your component methods.

StepsGenerating the stub and skeleton files for the component

  1. Click the Tutorial package and select the JavaArithmetic component.

  2. Select File | Generate Stub/Skeleton.

  3. Select Generate Stubs, then select Generate Java Stubs. Fill in the Java Stubs fields as follows:

    1. Select CORBA from the drop-down list.

    2. Select Generate Java Files.

    3. Select Compile Java Stubs.

    4. Leave the Java Code Base field at the default:


      For Windows


      For UNIX

    5. Deselect Generate C++ Stubs.

  4. Click Next to display the skeleton generation options and configure the settings as follows:

    1. Select Generate Skeletons on Client.

    2. Leave the Java Code Base field at the default value:


      For Windows


      For UNIX

    3. Deselect “Compile Java Skeletons” (you cannot compile now because the component implementation source file is not ready).

  5. Click Finish.

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